Change of Fire Season Status to Open

  • Bulletin posted: Mar 15, 2018

As from 15 March 2018 Marlborough Kaikoura Fire and Emergency revoked the Restricted Season..... Check out the full story here.

Rural Safety Alert - Fatigue

  • Bulletin posted: Feb 26, 2018

Although we have not had much of a fire season we need to be mindful of fatigue...... Check out the full story here.

Change of Fire Season to Restricted

  • Bulletin posted: Feb 20, 2018

As from 0800hrs Thursday, 22 February 2018 the fire season status will change from Prohibited to Restricted. Check out the full story here.

Volunteer Recruitment Newsletter Jan 18

  • Bulletin posted: Feb 7, 2018

Changes have been made to the recruitment process which streamlines the process for all our rural volunteers. Check out the full story here.

US Hot Shot Team in Marlborough

  • Bulletin posted: Jan 31, 2018

A welcome was held for the US Hot Shot team at the Rarangi Surf Life Saving Club Rooms in the form of a BBQ, a few days of R&R, briefings and then off to work. Fire and Emergency would like to welcome the US crew to Marlborough and hope we do not need to call on their services..... Check out the full story here.

Youth and Emergency Services Programme

  • Bulletin posted: Jan 31, 2018

Interested in Emergency Services and learn skills for assisting in an emergency...... Check out the full story here.

Hydration and Wellbeing

  • Bulletin posted: Jan 26, 2018

A note for crews to bear in mind when they are exposed to hot weather conditions ......... Check out the full story here.

CFO Peter Chapman

  • Bulletin posted: Jan 16, 2018

A long serving active member of the Ward Volunteer Fire Brigade has passed away...... Check out the full story here.

The Things We Know to be True

  • Bulletin posted: Dec 24, 2017

Here are some challenging articles on the risks in firefighting or indeed in any emergency response environment. They may challenge some of your beliefs – The things you “know” to be true, because of what you have learned, read or been told in regards “HSE in the Workplace”. Check out the full story here.

Fire Entrapment - A Lessons Learned Approach

  • Bulletin posted: Dec 23, 2017

Definition of “Entrapment”: A situation where personnel are unexpectedly caught in a fire behavior-related, life-threatening position where planned escape routes or safety zones are absent, inadequate, or compromised. An entrapment may or may not include deployment of a fire shelter for its intended purpose. These situations may or may not result in injury. They include "near misses." Presented here is a lessons Learned approach to a fire fighter entrapment incident in Honda Canyon, Vandenberg, California. With the issues around the Port Hills Fire deployment in the news and in fire fighter discussions at present, this is a salutary lesson. Check out the full story here.