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Wajax Competitions 2015 Date Posted: Sep 28, 2015

Wajax Competitions - 10 October 2015

Rural Fire Service volunteers from within the district of Marlborough Kaikoura Rural Fire Authority will face off in the Regional Rural Fire Competitions at Pine Valley Outdoor Centre on 10 October 2015. The competition commences at 10.00am which includes a BBQ.

It is an opportunity for each team to compete in drills designed to test their speed and skill with their fire fighting equipment and also a good day to meet other crews and have fun. The speed test involves setting up a pump and running a 30-metre hose before knocking down three targets - the quickest team wins.

They will also compete in a test that involves changing a fire hose. To add interest and to get the volunteers working with members of other crews, there will also be a fun contest done by teams chosen at random. Names would be drawn from a hat to create the teams.

Members of the public are welcome to watch the action.

Rules for Wajax Competitions