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2015 MKRFA Regional Wajax Competitions

2015 MKRFA Regional Wajax Competitions Date Posted: Oct 12, 2015

North Bank - Pine Valley Outdoor Centre

A great day was had by all the Fire Crews and their supporters at the recent MKRFA Wajax fire fighter competitions, held at Pine Valley. The weather was perfect with very little wind and the setting; ideal. The children had fun in the playground at Pine Valley Camp, whilst the fire fighters worked hard in the heat and the water slide was very much appreciated by all; with the hot conditions.  Our thanks to the North Bank community for a great day out prior to the fire season for all our crews.

Apart from the winners, the standout crew of the day was the Kenepuru Young Guns.  They completed both their runs without penalties.  For a crew that has just come together recently, this was an outstanding result for the team that perhaps, lacked just a little muscle on the day.

A special thanks to the crew from Hira for making the trip over the hill and to the crew from Woodbourne Airbase for the effort put in.  It was very much appreciated.

Read more, get the results and download the pics of the day here

Congratulations to all the crews - Blenheim Balmy Army were the overall winners; Blenheim Squirts were second and Kenepuru were third.  The results can be seen here!

It was very interesting to note that the Kenepuru Young Guns did not receive any penalties.  You could see that they were enjoying themselves and were very competitive.  The "Nelson Forest Ltd Ones" also did not receive any penalties.  Well done!!

We wish to thank all those who attended and those people who assisted in the running of the event.  Without the support of the teams, officials and the logistical team this would not have been possible.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Northbank community for hosting the event, especially Mary Powell who organised morning and afternoon tea.

Lastly, a big thank you to Marianne Vertelman for her contribution in organising the day; the sponsorship, results, t-shirts etc.

Photos of the day can be found here!