Queen's Birthday Road Safety Message Date Posted: May 31, 2019


If you are travelling on the roads this Queen's Birthday Weekend, please take care on the roads.  Below are some key messages to ensure that you have a safe weekend.

  • We just want you to get to where you’re going safely and enjoy your holiday. Decisions you make as a driver impact on everyone. You have a responsibility to yourself, your passengers, and other road users to drive safely. When you’re driving long distances, pull over and take a break if you’re feeling tired, distracted, or frustrated. Drive with your headlights on when you’re on the open road. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • We know that seatbelts make a real difference - the two seconds it takes to put on a seatbelt will be the difference between living or dying if you crash.  Wear your seatbelt – it may save your life if somebody else makes a mistake on the road.
  • If you’re in any doubt at all about being safe or legal to drive after drinking, then don’t.
  •  Drive distraction free. Put the phone away, or pull over.
  • Speed increases the severity of a crash and reduces your chances of surviving.  Keep an eye on your speed and drive to the conditions – less speed means less harm.  Watch your following distances. You want to give yourself time to react if something goes wrong ahead of you.
  • Enjoy the journey – be patient and considerate. Don’t overtake other traffic unless it’s completely safe to do so – it’s not worth the risk.  If you are towing, or driving slowly, pull over regularly to let other vehicles pass.
 Let’s keep each other safe on the road this Queen’s Birthday Weekend.