Winter Driving Conditions Date Posted: Jun 19, 2019

A timely reminder now winter is starting to set in to remind ourselves to drive to the conditions.

  • Effective brakes, tyres, windscreen wipers, lights and steering are even more crucial in winter weather. Check your vehicle regularly to make sure they are all in good condition.
  • In icy or frosty conditions, clear your windscreen properly don’t just scrape a hole to peer through.  Clear all windows not just the front one.
  • Wet, frosty or icy roads can be very slippery. You need to increase your following distance because it takes longer to stop on a slippery surface.
  • Drive to the conditions remembering those shady areas may be icy, black ice can form when low ground temperature causes the rain to freeze upon impacting, we can’t see it so slow down.
  • Poor light, rain, slippery roads all make driving on our roads hazardous, slowing down may ensure you arrive at your destination.