2019 FireFighter Memorial Tower Climb Date Posted: Sep 6, 2019

Local firefighters, Scottie Henry (Rarangi), James Cowie (Rarangi) and Steve Smith (Blenheim) are heading to Auckland on Wednesday 11 September to take part in the 2019 FireFighter Memorial Climb up the Sky Tower.  The memorial climb will honour every New Zealand firefighter lost in the line of duty since the late 1800’s.

For first-timer, James Cowie, it will be more than 50 floors and 1100 steps in full gear. For Scottie Henry and Steve Smith their day will not end there, returning to the ground they will repeat the walk, a double ascent.

Training throughout the winter has involved numerous walks up the Wither Hills, Monkey Bay and stair machines, all while wearing weight vests to simulate the 25 kg weight they will carry on the day.

To read the full story that appeared in the Blenheim Sun Newspaper on Friday 6 September 2019, click on the following link: