2019 Wajax Challenge Date Posted: Dec 9, 2019

Firstly, a big thank you to your teams for entering the Wajax Challenge Competitions, without your continued support this event would not be possible. We hope that you all had a fun and enjoyable day.

The Wajax challenge is designed for Crews from around the District to test their skills and agility. The challenge involves teams of four with hoses and a portable WAJAX pump weighing 26 kilos carried in a pack frame on the firefighter’s back.  Each team must first carry their equipment 30 metres to a water supply, set up the pump and then run out 30 metres of hose out (this part of the competition is called the Standard Wajax run). They then knock over a target (the first target is called First Water) with a powerful jet of water. After this they then attach two smaller hoses to each end of the 30m hose and knock over two more targets (the second targets are called Second Water).

To the Judges and Time Keepers, thank for your assistance on the day in officiating for this event. To Ken Rodley a big thank you for supplying the gear.

To Marianne, Mary thank you for organising the food and Todd Neal (MasterChef) for doing the cooking on the BBQ.

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