Daylight Saving finishes on Sunday 5 April 2020 Date Posted: Mar 20, 2020

Daylight Saving comes to an end on the 5 April when clocks are turned backward 1 hr at 3.00am and changing our clocks and checking our smoke alarms go hand in hand.

When changing the time ensure you also check your smoke alarms.  Remember the recommendation is to have Photoelectric long life smoke alarms. Long life alarms have a 10 year battery in them which doesn’t need replacing.  You can still purchase photoelectric smoke alarms that run on the 9v battery, if you still have ionisation alarms these are most likely old and out of date.

It is important we (all of us FENZ) are seen to be leading this by ensuring our own homes have working photoelectric smoke alarms.  Working smoke alarms do save lives, stats show that 87% of the country claim to have at least one working smoke alarm, however only 74% claim to test them regularly.  We will never get 100% with alarms installed but we need to promote the testing of the ones that are installed, we need a 100% test rate.

Another little unknown or misunderstood fact is that when we sleep we lose the sense of smell and the chance of waking up in the event of a fire is slim and if you do, it’s not because you smelt it.  By then your escape route may be gone, the more smoke alarms the greater the chance of detecting a fire early.


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