International Firefighters' Day Date Posted: May 4, 2020

Happy International Firefighters' Day to all our firefighters and those who support them.  Thank you for everything you do to keep our communities safe.

People all over the world are acknowledging their firefighters today, as they do every year on 4 May for International Firefighters’ Day. The date was chosen because it is also St Florian’s Day, the patron saint of firefighters and first-known commander of a firefighting squad in the Roman Empire.

These days, being a firefighter is so much more than fighting fires. International Firefighters’ Day gives us a great opportunity to highlight to the public the many other facets of our work, and a way they can say thanks. Click here to view a short thank you video.


“The wolf was not sleeping” book launch

For many firefighters, your important role also has a significant impact on your families, with missed meals, absences from special occasions and family members wondering if you’re ok. So we are very pleased to support the New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society (NZFFWS) with today’s launch of “The wolf was not sleeping”, by Avril McDonald.

This captivating story is written for children of emergency services personnel to help allay any concerns they may have when a parent (or grandparent, aunt, uncle) responds to an incident, and instead, give them a sense of pride.  You can read more about this book on the Portal.